Shanxi Grand Theatre
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Name: Shanxi Grand Theatre 

Detail:Shanxi Grand Theatre is located in the provincial capital Taiyuan Changfeng business I culture island things axis, project covers an area of about 80 acres, with a total construction area of 73000 square meters, mainly including 1628 seat main theatre, 1170 seat concert hall and 458 little theatre and rehearsal room, piano room, studio, booth and rest room, dressing room clothing props, such as the main function space. As one of the provincial key building, Shanxi Grand Theatre will be built for the city of Taiyuan added a landmark. The building was "Sanpu Changfeng", in the shadow of air capture building. Architectural heritage "wind" of the traditional intention and abstract concise, beautiful and full of rhythm of the geometric lines, forming a rich visual tension, to be able to represent the soul of the city's core of the landmark building.

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