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System structure
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Lateral force system
Deck systems
Interior wall system
Exterior wall system
Welded square pipe concrete column
The welded square(rectangular) pipe concrete column is defined as such welded square steel pipe column filled with high strength concrete to form a structure member undertaking all kinds of loads from the outsides. The features are high strength, less column section area, less steel consumption, better plastic and anti-deformation capacity, better energy saving, better seismic undertaking, lateral stiffness, good steadiness, simpler construction without form supporting for convenience.
H-beam welding beam
Comparing to the traditional H-beam, the welding H-beam steel has advantages like larger model quantity at the section, with higher bearing capacity; higher flange width with larger lateral stiffness; more cost effective.
The sectional dimension is of highly flexibility. H-beam welding can be easily produced profiled H-beam (upper and lower flange width ranging from the upper and lower flange unequal thickness), so that the materials would be fully utilized. H-beam welding production process features as high degree of automation, stable product quality, and high production efficiency.
Steel truss floor decks
Construction technology of the first generation concrete slab, its complex processes like scaffolding, formwork, and steel banding, furthermore the concrete curing long waiting period, would not adapt to the rapid construction requirements of steel structure; the second generation of the pressure plate concrete floor, due to the fixed bottom plates with rib height of 5-7cm, it is difficult to meet the housing conditions which need no suspended ceilings. Steel truss decks as the third generation, which is mainly industrial production and pre-fabricated construction, with no scaffolding nor wooden template, significantly reducing the requirement for steel banding amount, can be multi-constructed steel truss undertaking construction phase loads, construction quality and efficiency can be greatly improved.
Pre-fabricated Wall
Solution to the pre-fabricated wall:
Outside wall: which can be made of glass curtain wall or aluminum board, dry hanged stones; or fiber cemented integrated light weight grouting wall, would fully meet the current energy-saving emission-reducing standards, to realize the building energy-saving and industry waste utilization goal.
Anti-erosion and fire-protection steel members
Anti-erosion and fire-protection measures for steel members:
First, ball-blasting is done at the workshop for all the steel members; secondly, the surface will be painted by several layers of anti-rust paints (like zinc-rich epoxy, and epoxy micaceous iron); thirdly, the member will be painted with special fire protection after erection; lastly, fire-free plate or paste will be placed at the outside of the member, segregate the member thoroughly with the air, which is both decorative and practical.
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