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Development of green low-carbon buildings without delay!

Global warming, polar ice melting, extreme weather disasters happen frequently. PM2.5 and haze seriously threat to human health and survival.
With the rapid economic growth, China's resources and energy consumption, waste emissions and environmental damage also will be a rapid increase,
The environment on our planet is suffering unprecedented pressure.
Construction sector overall energy consumption has far exceeded the industry and the transport sector, accounting for 46.7% of the energy consumption of the whole society;
With proceeding urbanization, the construction industry energy consumption growth is accelerating…
Saving carbon emissions is a global issue, and sustainable development is an eternal theme.
Building a beautiful China with 'sky blue, green, water purification', construction by low-carbon action should be without delay!

State council has issued a green building action plan which clearly defines what green building is: during the whole life of the building, maximize the resource conservation, environmental protection and pollution reduction, provide people with healthy, applicable and efficient usages of living space, and the building should be in harmony with nature. Furthermore to promote the prefabricated steel and other green building system at length.

As the country's only 'prefabricated high-rise steel residential national low-carbon technology innovation and industrialization demonstration base',
We are duty-bound to look forward to work together with you to achieve the goal of 'Beautiful China' with tireless efforts!

Reduction in carbon emissions:  During the steel structure life time, the overall carbon emission will be 36.8% less than that by concrete structure;
Reducing environmental pollution:  Industrialized production, prefabricated construction, 70% reduction in construction water consumption, more than 80% of waste water, dust and noise will be reduced;
Reduction in construction waste:  About 70 percent reduced in construction waste when building up; 60% reduced upon the recycled main material during demolishing;
Industrial waste recycling:  The success of new composite wall in the utilization of fly ash, tailings quartz sand, gypsum and other industrial waste
Indoor room rate increases:  Because of the section reduction for tube concrete columns and thickness reduction in high performance composite wall, the efficient utilized area indoors will be 5.8% more;
Enhanced Seismic performance:  The excellent ductility and seismic energy consumption performance of the steel structure itself, with less weight and other factors, the risk of brittle fracture of the building is cut to some extent, ensuring the goal of 'stand still in large-scale earthquake' to be achieved.
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